July 08, 2020

The first global pandemic in a century has left the nation stunned as Americans struggle to stay healthy, safe and economically secure. In addition to these fundamental challenges, COVID-19 has generated a host of largely unprecedented legal issues. For example, given prison overcrowding, should governors and other executive actors release some individuals early? If so, which individuals and under what conditions? At the same time, governors are walking a fine line balancing the health concerns of their citizens and the need to prevent a long-lasting economic depression. Should state or federal actors be leading the way in striking that balance? What role do corporations have to play in pursuing a safe return to work strategy? Do we need additional legal measures in place to protect the most vulnerable members of our population, especially those who are elderly and living in group residences? These and other pressing legal issues will be explored in a series called COVID-19 and the Law, that began on June 30.

In each conversation, a Catholic Law faculty expert will explore their area of expertise and the novel questions that COVID-19 is introducing. Conversations over the summer will address criminal justice, elder law, corporate responsibility, intellectual property, federalism, and professional responsibility. All are welcome to participate.

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