When you were at Catholic Law were you involved with moot court, trial team, or one of the scholarly journals? Perhaps Law and Public Policy or one of the other institutes or clinics are important to you. To help such programs continue to thrive for the benefit of future students, you may choose to direct your gift to a number of funds listed below.


Columbus Community Legal Services Program: Donate

A pioneer in clinical education with programs dating back over 30 years, Catholic Law's well-established clinical programs draw on a rich history while preparing students for law practice in the 21st Century. The clinical curriculum offers eight programs that provide a variety of clinical experiences suited to most students' personal learning objectives. Your gift will provide needed funds to support these top-ranked clinical programs.



Center for Religious Liberty: Donate

The Center for Religious Liberty at The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law is an academic center dedicated to the study and articulation of the Catholic approach to religious liberty as a fundamental human right for all persons, regardless of faith. This right is recognized by the United States Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Church's teaching in Dignitatis Humanae. The Center will aim to increase discussion and understanding of these issues by hosting speakers, organizing conferences, awarding writing prizes, providing educational programming, and commenting on religious liberty issues in the public square.

Center for Law and the Human Person: Donate

The Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America aims to achieve distinction in the Catholic intellectual tradition and to promote the ideals of the dignity of each human person, respect for the inviolability of all human life, justice rooted in the common good, the recognition and protection of human rights as gifts of the Creator, care for the poor, the neglected, and the vulnerable, and the obligation of love for one another. The Center for Law and the Human Person serves as our central resource for thinking about how these core commitments ought to inform the study, teaching, and practice of law. The Center will support relevant scholarly research and curricular development, emphasize student formation, and engage broader academic, professional, and public policy communities.

Comparative and International Law Institute: Donate

The Comparative and International Law Institute (CILI) is a certificate program designed to give students the opportunity to pursue a concentration of courses in the public and private areas of international law. Your gift will support the activities of the Institute and will help prepare students for practice in the field of international law.

Compliance, Investigations and Corporate Responsibility: Donate

The Compliance, Investigations, Corporate Responsibility Program (CICR), established in 2018, offers a unique opportunity for students and members of the bar to gain the skills necessary to work in the compliance and sustainability fields and to enhance the transparency, responsibility and sustainability of organizations in the United States and around the world. These fields offer opportunities for lawyers to make a real difference to clients in the private and public sectors alike, and to become leaders in a new and challenging field. Your gift will support the activities of the Program and will help prepare students for practice in this growing and rewarding field.

Criminal Justice Reform Initiative: Donate

With more than two million adults and children behind bars, the United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Mass incarceration has not impacted all Americans equally – instead it has had a drastically disproportionate impact on poor, minority communities. Eighty percent of people accused of a crime are poor, and while they are entitled to a lawyer under well-established Supreme Court precedent, too often they face loss of liberty without one. Access to justice in the world’s leading democracy remains aspirational. Through the inspiration and leadership of Professor Cara Drinan, the Law School is involved with research on this important area.

Law and Public Policy Program: Donate

The Law and Public Policy program (LPP), established in 1984, is an academic enrichment program for students interested in careers in public law, public interest law, or public policy development. Your gift will support the activities of the Program and help provide students interested in public service with advice and educational opportunities that assist them in developing careers in which they can participate in making or implementation of law and policy.

Law and Technology Institute: Donate

The Columbus School of Law at The Catholic University of America is pleased to announce that the Institute for Communications Law Studies will now be known as the Law and Technology Institute (LTI). Under the new name, the Law School’s goal is to build upon and expand the outstanding work and successes that the Communications Law Institute has accomplished over the past three decades. Your gift will support the activities of the Institute and will help prepare students for practice in the field of evolving technologies, including communications law, intellectual property law, and information privacy law.

Securities Law Program Fund: Donate

One of the most successful certificate-granting law programs in the nation's capital, the Securities and Corporate Law Program is a multi-layered discipline of courses and externships designed to prepare students to be professional and well-rounded practitioners. Your gift will support the activities of the Program and will help prepare students for practice in the fields of corporate or securities law.


The Catholic Law Review Fund: Donate

The Catholic University Law Review is a scholarly journal that examines problems of current legal concern. Published quarterly, it provides its members with intensive training in legal research and writing and publishes significant student work. A student staff edits and manages the publication. Your gift will provide needed funds to support the production and distribution of this scholarly journal.

Journal of Law and Technology Fund: Donate

The Catholic University Journal of Law and Technology (JLT), formerly known as the CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Technology Policy publishes thoughtful, timely, and useful articles that discuss recent developments in communications law, information privacy law, and intellectual property law. These fields are constantly undergoing rapid changes, and JLT is dedicated to addressing cutting-edge issues, policies, and technologies. Your gift will provide needed funds to support the production and distribution of this scholarly journal.


Law School Moot Court Fund: Donate

One of the largest participatory student groups, the Moot Court Association is composed of students who share strong interests in oral and written advocacy training. Our moot court program offers participants many opportunities to prepare and conduct full-length trials including several national and international interschool competitions. Your gift will support our moot court activities and competitions.

CUA Law Trial Team: Donate

Members of the National Trial Team are selected either by an intra-school trial competition or an audition where they demonstrate their advocacy skills. Teams are then selected to compete in national events from California to Puerto Rico. Team members and their alumni coaches devote an enormous amount of time preparing, practicing and ultimately competing in full trials against other law schools. Your gift will support the continuation of this vital experience for students as well as help CUA Law maintain a presence among the elite Trial Advocacy schools.