Securities Law Program (SLP)

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The law school offers a broad and varied concentration of securities and corporate law courses. Within the concentration can be found more than a dozen lecture and seminar courses and similar number of externship programs. The classroom courses include: Corporations; Securities Regulation: Enforcement Procedures and Issues; Securities Regulation: Issuance; Securities Regulation: Trading; Corporate Finance Seminar; Securities Regulation: Investment Company and Investment Advisers Act; and Securities Market Regulation Seminar. The externships include clerkships at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and other self-regulatory organizations as well as several brokerage firms.

The securities and corporate offerings are structured in a manner that provides students the opportunity to participate in this area of study at varied levels of intensity. Those students wishing to gain only a basic grounding in securities law are encouraged to take, in conjunction with the basic core offerings in Corporations, either Securities Regulation: Trading or Securities Regulation: Issuance. Students who intend to devote a portion of their practice to securities/corporate law are advised to take both of these basic securities courses in their second year, as well as at least one of the more sophisticated securities offerings such as Corporate Finance, Securities Civil Litigation, Securities Regulation: Derivatives Seminar, Securities Market Regulation Seminar, the Securities Regulation Investment Company and Investment Advisers Act, or Securities Compliance (a transition to practice course) in their third year. Students interested in specializing in securities law should consider enrolling in most of the securities classroom offerings as well as one or more of the externship programs.

Such securities specialists can take between 12 and 18 hours of securities courses with appropriate planning. Those students intending to practice either partially or totally in the securities/corporate law area should also plan to take a range of other business law courses including, but not limited to, courses in Antitrust, Corporate Tax, Banking Law, and Labor Law.

The law school maintains an active Securities Alumni Group that meets for an annual luncheon and occasional lectures. Because of the school's location, it is fortunate to have its securities offerings taught by senior staff from the SEC and FINRA as well as by full-time faculty members.

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