Dear Students and Alumni:

As we continue to deal with this difficult situation, we want you to know that the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) is here for you. We are excited to offer counseling and interview prep sessions remotely. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding OCPD's continuing operations. If you need to speak to a career counselor, or have any other questions, please email, or call 202-
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How will Students and Alumni contact OCPD? 
      Students and Alumni can contact OCPD via phone at 202-319-5132 and email at We are also available via Google Meet. Please feel free to continue to schedule meetings via the OCPD App.

    2. Will OCPD continue to review resumes and cover letters? 
      Yes, OCPD will continue to review resumes and cover letters. Please send any resumes and cover letters that you would like to have reviewed to

    3. Are OCPD Handouts Available? 
      Many handouts are available in Symplicity in your Document Library. You can also request an electronic copy of all OCPD handouts by sending an email to

    4. Should Students and Alumni continue to search for jobs on Symplicity? 
      Yes, job opportunities are updated in Symplicity on a daily basis. Please continue to search for job opportunities.

    5. Will OCPD continue to counsel students and perform interview prep?
      Yes, please continue to contact OCPD via email or phone. Interview prep can be performed via phone or Google Meet.

    6. What if Students have an actual interview scheduled in the coming weeks?
      Please reach out to your contact person at the potential employer and make alternative arrangements for previously scheduled interviews. If you have additional questions, please reach out to OCPD for guidance.

    7. Can Students continue to apply for fellowships such as Squire and O’Brien?
      Yes, Students should apply for the 2020 Squire Patton Boggs Public Policy Fellowship – Deadline is March 31, 2020 and the O’Brien Summer Fellowship – Deadline is April 5, 2020.  Please send materials for the Squire Patton Boggs Public Policy Fellowship to Additional details for applying are available on the homepage in Symplicity.

    8. Will OCPD continue to provide career programming and information?
      Yes, please be sure to watch for coming podcasts and video tutorials regarding Fall OCI, Being Successful During Your Summer Experience and Getting a Job in the Federal Government.

The Columbus School of Law's Office of Career and Professional Development is dedicated to assisting students in search of internship and externship opportunities during school, employment after graduation, and career advice for the rest of their lives. Staffed by career planning professionals with advanced degrees in law, the office provides individual and group counseling, workshops, panels, instructional materials, and job listings as well as activities that facilitate direct contact with prospective employers.

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Consider these recent rankings and metrics regarding the Columbus School of Law graduates:

  • Catholic Law ranked a top five producer of lawyers who work in congress by

  • The American Bar Association ranks Catholic Law #6 for Highest Percent Of 2018 Graduates in Government and Public Interest Jobs.

  • Study ranks CUA Law 26th nationally as one of the best schools for associates obtaining Big Law jobs.

  • The American Bar Association ranks Catholic Law #20 for Highest Percent Of 2018 Graduates in state and local clerkships and #29 in federal clerkships.

See the Catholic Law Accolades for more examples of recent recognition.