September 14, 2020

securities graphicsOn the evening of September 9, Catholic Law’s Securities Law Student Association (SLSA) hosted its start-of-year information panel, inviting new law students to learn more about the Law School’s Securities Law Program (SLP) which was founded by Professor David Lipton in 1980. Hosted by SLSA student leaders Eden Olson (3L), President; Nico Valderrama (3L), Vice-President; and Patrick Hall (3L), Alumni Outreach Coordinator, the panel focused on bringing more awareness to the fascinating area of securities law and the amazing opportunities presented by SLP. As Olson said at the start of the panel, she hoped that in listening to the panelists, students would be “encouraged to be in the Securities Law Program or at least take some of our courses because our professors are awesome—as you will see tonight.”

After a brief welcome from Acting Program Director and Visiting Professor, Jeremy Kidd, the evening’s panelists were introduced. Panelist David Blass, Jack Murphy, and Jeffrey Puretz ’81 are all SLP faculty and whose careers have provided them extensive experience in securities law. Through a series of questions posed by Hall, panelist shared on topics ranging from how they define securities law and how they got their start in the field, to the evolution of the industry and advice they have for students looking to break into a career in securities law.

As the event concluded, panelists took questions from those in attendance.