September 13, 2021

A group of law students at a welcome back party

The Student Bar Association (SBA) kicked off the academic year with the 2021 Student Organization Fair and Welcome Back Party. Held in Catholic Law's Knights of Columbus Courtyard on September 10, students had the chance to learn about the many Catholic Law Student Organizations and meet other students with similar interests. During the event, the names of several newly elected organization reps for SBA, the Evening Law Students Association (ELSA), and the Council on Professional Conduct (CPC) were announced as well. This year's leaders for all three organizations (fall election winners in bold) are:

3L Reps: Mary Kate Pinto, Owen Salyers
2L Reps: Zachary Aman, Caroline Kelly
1L Rep: Jessica Alhanouch
1E Rep: Niloofar Baghai-Vaji

President: Mary Umstead
Vice President: Ray Mosca
Treasurer: Taylor Costanzo
Director of Events: Alexa Calomiris
Recording Secretary: Elise Krekorian
1E Social Chair: Sara Rahmjoo
1E Rep: Nicole Pickeral

President: Maria Hershey
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Katie Koopman
Vice President of Financial Affairs: Claire Whiteman
Vice President of Student Affairs: Owen Salyers
Director of Communications: Ross Fodera
Vice President of External Affairs: David Kendall
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Tim Richard
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion: Jose Natera
Vice President. Of Evening Affairs: ErinKate Brady
3L Reps: Danny Bagley, Henry Urban
2L Rep: Dan Johnson
1L Reps: Hope Gouterman, Celanire Flagg, Yusuf Khan