October 11, 2021

bowen-600x350.jpgOn October 7, 2021, the Washington Business Journal published a “Women Who Mean Business 2021” profile that featured Catholic Law alumna Julie Bowen ’90. Bowen, who is Chief legal officer and senior vice president of operations for The Mitre Corp., oversees 500 employees across various sectors of the company. In the profile, she discussed the importance of mentorship and shared insight into who she is outside of the job.

Washington Business Journal
Date: October 7, 2021
By: Melissa Castro Wyatt
Women Who Mean Business 2021 - JULIE BOWEN Chief legal officer and senior vice president of operations, The Mitre Corp.

“I had very good mentors, both men and women. But it was a male mentor who said to me, ‘If you get invited into the room, you’d better make sure you’re useful. Because if you don’t, then you’re acting like what they think women should be,’” says Bowen, a board member for both the Northern Virginia Tech Council and Fairfax IT services company WidePoint Corp. “I still do that — make sure I have something valuable to contribute — even if I have to overprepare. Because I sure don’t want them to think I was unable or unwilling to contribute.”

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