January 20, 2022

Catholic Law’s Law and Public Policy Lecture Series hosted a virtual event on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. The evening program, “Across the Aisle—Nonprofit Advocacy,” welcomed guest speakers Beth Kingsley, Partner, Harmon Curran, and Barnaby Zall, Law Office of Barnaby Zall—both leading experts in the nonprofit advocacy space, with clients on different sides of the ideological divide. Kingsley and Zall shared how they provide legal advice on charitable lobbying and political activity, and how they work together on matters of common concern.

Brian Svoboda, Director of the Law and Public Policy Program, opened the event with a welcome to those in attendance and introductory remarks about each of the panelists. Kingsley and Zall then responded to a series of moderated questions posed by Svoboda. The conversation covered descriptions of Kingsley's and Zall's work, how they became interested in nonprofit advocacy, their practices before the IRS and FEC, and how they incorporate voices from both sides of the political spectrum in their First Tuesday Group meetings. The program concluded with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

The Law and Public Policy Program is looking forward to regular events in the lecture series. Please check back on the News and Events page for updates regarding upcoming events.