April 14, 2022

Lydia Korostelova, a second-year student at Catholic Law, was recently quoted in the Catholic Standard. The article covered Korostelova’s recent participation in an April 7 panel discussion there on “Ukraine: An Inside Perspective,” hosted by the Catholic University of America. Korostelova shared about the ways in which Russia’s brutal invasion of her native Ukraine has hit home for her — describing in great detail how the war has impacted Huliaipole, her hometown in eastern Ukraine. Participating in the April 7 panel is not the first time Korostelova has discussed the ongoing war in Ukraine. Earlier this spring, she helped to bring together several members of the University community for a ​​roundtable discussion on the war in Ukraine.

Catholic Standard
Date: April 12, 2022
By: Mark Zimmerman
Catholic University law student from Ukraine describes how horrors of war there have hit home

“Explaining why she felt it was important for her to speak out about what’s happening in Ukraine, Korostelova said, 'Even if it’s painful to talk about, I think it needs to be talked about.'

As she concluded her talk, the CUA student said, 'I just hope that if I can do it, and if my family can do it, that everybody else can find the strength and help with whatever they can to stop this unfair and very cruel conflict.'"

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