April 21, 2022

This year, Students for Public Interest Law (SPIL) hosted its First Annual Field Day on Saturday, April 9, 2022, on the Law School lawn. All proceeds from SPIL Field Day will go towards funding Summer 2022 SPIL Stipends — supporting students with upcoming unpaid internships. As prior stipend recipients, SPIL Field Day’s student organizers Abby Snelling (3L) and Emily Tortoro (3L) recognize the important role these stipends play for students interested in pursuing public interest law.

The afternoon included free food as well as a full slate of fun activities like corn hole, kickball, and pie-a-faculty-member which attendees could participate in after donating to the fund. For many, the highlight of the event was the “Pie-A-Faculty-Member” where attendees shoved whipped cream pies into the face of faculty volunteers. Dean Mary Graw Leary, Dean Bryan McDermott, Dean Craig Osborne, and Professor Mark Rienzi graciously took pies to the face. Other members of the Catholic Law faculty and staff joined in the fun to create a kickball team — playing against the third-year law students’ team.

About the event, Snelling shared, “Emily Totoro and I organized the event along with the help of SPIL Co-Presidents Nicole Wargel and Nicole Rocha, and our Vice President Nikita Vasudevan. I would like to especially thank Dean Katherine Crowley and Heather Doerr for helping us plan and execute the event. Emily and I were so glad to host and gather so many classmates and faculty for SPIL Stipends!”