June 14, 2022

James Dietrich, Lesley Fair, D. Michael Lyles

On June 9, 2022, Catholic Law welcomed its incoming lecturers with the 2022 Lecturer Orientation. This year's lecturers continue to include many leaders in their fields including law firm managing partners, the City Attorney for Annapolis, senior Department of Justice attorneys, and legal directors for major non-profit organizations. The afternoon orientation was held in the Law School as a way of introducing new lecturers to Catholic Law. Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Mary Graw Leary made opening remarks, being the first to welcome the group.

“The Law School is thrilled to welcome this group of attorneys. We pride ourselves on our students being taught by not only those at the top of their given fields, but those within that elite group who are gifted teachers.”

The program then transitioned into its first information session, “Preparing Your Class, Beginning to End,” with Professor Emeritus Reverend Raymond C. O’Brien. Father O’Brien discussed the fundamentals of preparing a course for the school year. After a brief break, the afternoon continued with additional information sessions including: “Student Engagement,” with the Center for Teaching Excellence's director and assistant director, Dr. Angela McRae and Dr. Marissa Stewart; and a “Lecturer Panel” with James Dietrich ’95, Lesley Fair, and D. Michael Lyles ’94, which allowed for the new roster of lecturers to hear from experienced lecturers who have been singled out by their students as exceptionally successful.

The day concluded with closing remarks from Dean Stephen C. Payne and a reception for those in attendance.