September 07, 2022

gavelWelcoming around 100 guests from America and parts of Europe, on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, the Contemporary Challenges in American and Global Law series continued with a presentation on “Guarantees for Real Estate Transfer: Notary vs. Real Estate Lawyer Professions in Polish and American Law.”

After opening remarks from Dr. Wojciech Bańczyk of JU, the group quickly delved into the day's topic. Each of the three speakers used their years of experience to provide insight into real estate transactions in both the American and Polish legal systems. Katarzyna Celewicz (CUA LL.M. 2020, CUA-UJ ALP 2019), Kraków Chamber of Notaries, and ​​Krzysztof Maj, Council of Kraków Chamber of Notaries, spoke from the Polish legal perspective and focused on the notary profession. They both emphasized that the notary’s role in real estate transactions is primarily as a representative of the state. Arthur Fuccillo ’78, Executive Vice President of Lerner Enterprises and Lerner Corporation, spoke regarding American real estate law. He walked the group through a real estate transaction as it would be executed in the U.S. drawing contrasts with the Polish notary system.

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The next two events will be:

Thursday, September 8, 2022
Negotiation & Mediation Lawyer: The American Origin of ADR in Poland
Dr Michał Araszkiewicz (CUA-UJ ALP 2004), Jagiellonian University in Kraków; Jennifer Gartlan ’02, District of Columbia Court of Appeals; and Joanna Wsołek (CUA LL.M., CUA-UJ ALP 2002)

Thursday, September 15, 2022
Legal Translation: Translation of Legal Concepts or Legal Terms?
Susanna Fischer, Professor of Law, Catholic Law; Wojciech Jarosiński (CUA LL.M. 2011, CUA-UJ ALP 2010); and Piotr Musiela (CUA-UJ ALP 2017), Sworn Translator