September 09, 2022

Contemporary Challenges in American and Global Law series On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Contemporary Challenges in American and Global Law series met once again for a presentation on “Negotiation & Mediation Lawyers: The American Origin of ADR in Poland.”

Dr. Wojciech Bańczyk of JU and Julie Dietrich, Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development at Catholic Law, provided opening remarks, sharing their thanks for the 30-year partnership between JU and Catholic Law. The group then delved into the day's topic. Each of the three speakers used their professional experience to discuss the origins and evolution of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in both the U.S. and Poland. They spoke both about the theoretical and practical use of ADR in each of the legal systems. Jennifer Gartlan ’02, Mediation Program Coordinator for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals (DCCA), provided background on the origins of ADR in the U.S. and how the field continues to grow as a holistic resolution of legal disputes. Joanna Wsołek (CUA LL.M., CUA-UJ ALP 2002), a Polish advocate, and Dr Michał Araszkiewicz (CUA-UJ ALP 2004), an assistant professor at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, spoke from the Polish legal perspective — reflecting on the Polish use of ADR as the legal system changes its mindset towards conflict resolution.

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The next two events will be:

Thursday, September 15, 2022
Legal Translation: Translation of Legal Concepts or Legal Terms?
Susanna Fischer, Professor of Law, Catholic Law; Wojciech Jarosiński (CUA LL.M. 2011, CUA-UJ ALP 2010); and Piotr Musiela (CUA-UJ ALP 2017), Sworn Translator

Thursday, September 22, 2022
In-house Lawyers: American Law in a Company Practice
Anna Bluszcz-Balcerowska (CUA-UJ IBTSLP 1998); Bryan Webster '01, Meta; and Dr Daniel Zatorski (CUA LL.M. 2011, CUA-UJ ALP 2009), Uniper