September 16, 2022

contemporary challenges logoThe Contemporary Challenges in American and Global Law series continued Thursday, September 15, for a presentation on “Legal Translation: Translation of Legal Concepts or Legal Terms?”

After a word of welcome from Dr. Wojciech Bańczyk of the Jagiellonian University, the presentation began. Each of the program’s three speakers utilized their professional experience to discuss the challenges surrounding legal translation, especially between the American and Polish legal systems. Susanna Fischer, an associate professor of law and Director of the International Human Rights Summer Law School Program in Rome for Catholic Law, has practiced as a barrister in London, England, and as an intellectual property lawyer in several New York City law firms. She also served as the native English language consultant for a translation of the Polish Civil Code into English, published by Wolters Kluwer Polska in 2012. Wojciech Jarosiński (CUA LL.M. 2011, CUA-UJ ALP 2010) was, until recently, a partner at Maruta law firm and head of the law firm’s dispute resolution practice and is currently transitioning to a new firm. Piotr Musiela (CUA-UJ ALP 2017) is a licensed (sworn) translator for Corporate Services, a Kraków-based boutique translation company serving the Polish financial market since the early aughts. In their remarks, they explored how translation serves different stakeholders (i.e., clients, courts, other lawyers, etc.), the extent to which speaking English is important to a Polish lawyer who may be involved in international legal exchanges, and how the difference between the literal translation of a term versus the translation of a concept might impact understanding.

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The next two events will be:

Thursday, September 22, 2022
In-house Lawyer: American Law in a Company Practice
Anna Bluszcz-Balcerowska (CUA-UJ IBTSLP 1998); Bryan Webster '01, Meta; and Dr Daniel Zatorski (CUA LL.M. 2011, CUA-UJ ALP 2009), Uniper

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Big and Small Law Firms: American Legal Practice Patterns in Poland
Dr Rafał Kos (CUA LL.M. 2010, CUA-UJ ALP 2010), Kubas, Kos, Gałkowski; Stanley Woodward ’08, Brand Woodward; and Dr Tomasz Zielenkiewicz (CUA LL.M. 2011), Domański, Zakrzewski, Palinka