January 05, 2022

On January 4, 2022, Mary Graw Leary, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research and Professor of Law at Catholic, spoke on NPR’s Morning Edition regarding the details of a recently released settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and one of his accusers, Virginia Guiffre. In 2009, Epstein agreed to a settlement with Giuffre, the details of which were only just recently publicized and could impact future lawsuits against those close to Epstein. Graw Leary is a human trafficking expert.

NPR - Morning Edition
Date: January 4, 2022
By: Jasmine Garsd
The settlement deal between Epstein and Giuffre is released by a federal court

MARY GRAW LEARY: The pattern with these cases is often - not always - the victim, survivors, are targeted for their vulnerabilities. They are abused for their vulnerabilities. And if they ever have the courage to speak out, then they're used against them.

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