March 17, 2022

Catholic Law Professor Lucia A. Silecchia had a commentary published in the April 2022 issue of America Magazine which was released on March 16. In the piece entitled, “The ‘Great Resignation’ and the spirituality of work,” Silecchia turns to Catholic social teaching to more deeply explore the “Great Resignation” that has seen millions of Americans leave the workforce.

America Magazine
Date: March 16, 2022
By: Lucia A. Silecchia
The ‘Great Resignation’ and the spirituality of work

Because of these unknowns, deeper insights on human work from Catholic social teaching can contribute more to pondering the Great Resignation than today’s ubiquitous “hot takes.” This is particularly true of “Laborem Exercens,” with its direct focus on human work. The encyclical proposes a sober spirituality of work and a lens through which to view both the “fresh hopes” and “fresh fears” that the Great Resignation may cause and reflect.

This teaching reflects the paradox of human work as both blessing and burden. In labor of all kinds—not merely paid employment—workers participate in the act of creation and share “the activity of the Creator.” This noble mission is uniquely entrusted to humanity.

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