March 22, 2022

Cara H. Drinan, Catholic Law Professor and Director of Faculty Research, recently published an opinion piece in Maryland Matters. In the article, “Opinion: The Public Safety Case for Youth Justice Reform in Maryland,” Drinan discusses the need for long-overdue youth justice reform. Drinan is an expert on youth justice and sentencing who has testified regarding reform bills that are currently before the Maryland House of Delegates.

Maryland Matters
Date: March 19, 2022
By: Cara H. Drinan
Opinion: The Public Safety Case for Youth Justice Reform in Maryland

As three youth justice reform bills sit before the Maryland legislature, the time is now for lawmakers to heed the science that tell us “kids are different.” If passed, these bills would improve outcomes for youth in the criminal system, but equally important, they’d make Maryland residents safer. Specifically, these bills would require police to notify parents before questioning a child in custody; ensure kids get a judicial hearing before their cases are moved to adult court; ban incarceration for kids who violate technical terms of their probation; and create more youth diversion opportunities, among other measures.

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