July 05, 2022

Mark Rienzi, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty and Professor of Law at Catholic Law, and President of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, recently authored an opinion piece in First Things assessing the one-year impact of the 2021 Fulton opinion by the Supreme Court (Catholic Charities and foster care).

First Things
Date: June 23, 2022
By: Mark Rienzi
What Fulton Did For Religious Freedom

As the Supreme Court recognized in Fulton, Catholic Social Services is just one of more than 20 diverse private agencies in the city that serve foster children. While the exact numbers might vary, the same is true across the country. A year’s worth of legal decisions and other developments confirm that businesses continue to operate, government contracts continue to be awarded, and same-sex couples continue to foster. The only difference is that religious social service agencies need no longer fear exclusion or forced closure because they minister to those in need while abiding by their sincere religious beliefs. This crucial religious accommodation signals something important: that in America, we protect the human impulse to serve others that are animated or inspired by religious beliefs.

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