July 07, 2022

Catholic Law Professor J. Joel Alicea was quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Conservative Supreme Court Has Arrived.” The article discusses the conservative court’s role in this term’s Supreme Court rulings.

Wall Street Journal
Date: July 1, 2022
By: Nicholas Tomaino
The Conservative Supreme Court Has Arrived: From abortion and religion to guns and administrative law, ‘I don’t think Justice Thomas has ever had a better term,’ leading appellate litigator Paul Clement says.

“On Dec. 5, four days after the justices heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Catholic University of America legal scholar Joel Alicea issued a more sympathetic warning. ‘The conservative legal movement finds itself at its most precarious point since its inception in the early 1970s,’ he wrote. If the court declined to overturn Roe v. Wade (1973), Mr. Alicea argued, it would ‘likely shatter the movement,’ bringing ‘an end to one of the most successful intellectual and political projects of the past half-century.’”

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