August 16, 2022

Elizabeth Kirk, Director of the Center for Law & the Human Person, recently published a policy paper in On Point (Issue 85), the research publication for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. The paper, “The Role of Adoption in Dobbs-Era Pro-Life Policy,” explores pro-adoption policies and initiatives in the Dobbs-era. 

On Point (Issue 85)
Date: July 20, 2022
By: Elizabeth Kirk
The Role of Adoption in Dobbs-Era Pro-Life Policy

In discussions about the Dobbs era for America, adoption is mentioned often by those across the ideological spectrum. On the pro-life side, adoption is promoted as a life-giving alternative to abortion, one which respects both the humanity of the unborn child and the duties of care the child’s mother has to protect her.[1] Many on the pro-choice side claim similarly that adoption is “common ground” in the fraught abortion wars and that the law ought to do more to make adoption more accessible.[2] And there are those who reject adoption altogether, especially as a meaningful alternative to abortion.[3]

To read the full paper by Elizabeth Kirk, click here.