August 05, 2022

Mary Graw Leary, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research and Professor of Law at Catholic, was quoted in a Forbes article regarding TikTok's use of child sexual abuse materials in its training of moderators.

Date: August 4, 2022
By: Alexandra S. Levine 
TikTok Moderators Are Being Trained Using Graphic Images Of Child Sexual Abuse

Former federal prosecutor Mary Graw Leary, an expert on child pornography and exploitation who previously helped lead NCMEC’s legal work, said child sexual abuse material should be treated as “contraband,” like guns or drugs.

“If you came across drugs in the workplace, or drugs at school, and you're a vice principal, you wouldn't put it in your desk and whip it out at the next faculty meeting to say, 'This is what cocaine looks like,’” she said. “Similarly, because the Supreme Court and everyone else has recognized the subjects of this content are re-victimized every time someone looks at it, it shouldn't be bandied about in a light manner.”

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