September 16, 2022

Megan La Belle, professor of law and co-director of the Law and Technology Institute, was quoted by The Detroit News about potential efforts to influence the outcome of a trial involving the Flint water crisis. La Belle has previously written on the subject of advertising influencing trials. Her article, “Influencing Juries in Litigation ‘Hot Spots,’” which appeared in the Indiana Law Journal in 2019, explores how corporations use image advertising in litigation “hot spots” as a means of influencing litigation outcomes.

The Detroit News
Date: September 8, 2022
By: Kayla Ruble
Company sued over Flint’s water crisis wages digital PR war during trial

“‘That to me is very clear circumstantial evidence that they’re trying to influence the outcome of the trial. It’s not like the Flint water crisis started in November 2021,’ said Megan La Belle, a law professor and co-director of the Law and Technology Institute at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.”

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