September 17, 2022

Catholic Law Professor Megan La Belle was quoted in a recent Bloomberg Law article, “Future of Patent Licensing Deals on the Line at Federal Circuit.” The article discusses whether a patent owner who sublicenses its patent has standing to sue another for infringement, a question that has important implications for future cases involving similar transactions.

Bloomberg Law - IP Law
Date: September 6, 2022
By: Samantha Handler
Future of Patent Licensing Deals on the Line at Federal Circuit

“Two Federal Circuit cases on the issue—Lone Star Silicon Innovations LLC v. Nanya Tech. Corp. and Schwendimann v. Arkwright Advanced Coating, Inc.—seem to be in conflict, she said.

To make it clear which precedent to follow, the full Federal Circuit may need to hear the issue, or the Supreme Court may need to step in, La Belle said.

‘This is potentially a good vehicle but they need to make clear what is no longer good law to lower courts and litigants,” she said. “There’s still a lot of confusion in this area.’”

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