Dear Catholic Law Reunion Committee Member:

Thank you for volunteering to serve on your reunion committee! As Law School alums, you are our best ambassadors for ensuring the success of your reunion celebration and we will make every effort to assist you in making this a memorable occasion for you and your class.

Reunion weekend offers many opportunities to catch up with your classmates and former faculty, meet other alums, and network. It also offers you a chance to hear first-hand from Dean Stephen C. Payne about the Law School in his “State of the Law School Address.”

This year we are celebrating the classes ending in 1 and 6. These classes are: 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016.

A “Save the Date” postcard has already been sent via mail, and emails reminding you of the date are on their way.
This handbook offers some general information and a general timeline to help you and your classmates in making this celebration fantastic. Reunion weekend is: October 1-3, 2021.

Whether you are a new volunteer or have served on a reunion committee before, we appreciate your loyalty and continued dedication. Thank you for all you do and we look forward to working with you!

Please feel free to contact the Alumni Relations Main Office at 1-887-7CUALAW;
local-202-319-5670; or email the office at:


Columbus School of Law
Office of Development and Alumni Relations 

Reunion Committee Goals

The primary goals for a reunion committee are to engage classmates to attend the weekend and also to raise funds towards support of the Law School. To encourage attendance, reunion committee members are asked to contact their classmates and to encourage them to attend reunion weekend events.

Reunion committee members are also asked to make a gift and to lend their names to solicitation letters to encourage philanthropy. We will work with each reunion committee to send out solicitation letters and emails to help each class reach their monetary goal and class giving participation goal.

On reunion weekend, awards recognizing classes for achieving participation and monetary goals are presented by the Dean at an evening reception. Class Participation Awards criteria are the following:
  • Robinson Bowl – Award goes to the class in the Robinson Society classes celebrating 45 th , 50 th , and 55th reunion) that raises the most money
  • Leahy Award – Award goes to the class NOT in the Robinson Society that raises the most money
  • Alumni Cup – Award to the class with the highest attendance
  • Dean’s Cup – Award to the class with the highest donation
General Timeline in preparation for Reunion Weekend

April - May
  • Communicate with other committee members via email or zoom meeting to share the first solicitation draft letter to the class. Once approved, the first solicitation letter will go out to each class in May.
  • Follow-up emails to encourage attendance and giving amongst classmates.

July - August
  • The Development and Alumni Relations Office will send out official invitations with a schedule of events to all Reunion classes.
  • The 2nd solicitation letter has details of reunion weekend events, such as costs and locations of events – strive to have 2nd letter out by July.
  • Follow-up calls and emails to classmates encouraging participation in Class Gift and attendance for Reunion Weekend.

  • Make last minute phone calls and e-mails to classmates 
  • 3rd solicitation letter goes out.
  • Email version of the 3rd solicitation letter is sent 2 weeks out from Reunion weekend (approx. – mid September).

2021 REUNION Weekend – October 1- 3 2021
Reunion committee meetings over Zoom:
The Office of Development and Alumni Relations creates the Zoom link for each committee meeting.

Reunion planning is a team effort. Enthusiastic committee members and participants will help make your Reunion an enjoyable one so please let us know if there are any classmates who would like to serve on your class committee.

Below are contacts in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations who are here to help you and your class have a fantastic reunion celebration.