May 19, 2020

Pierotti-Lim.pngThe grassroots policy organization Republican Women for Progress, co-founded by Catholic Law Alumna Jennifer Pierotti Lim ’10, was featured in last month’s ABA Journal in an article titled, “Meet the Groups Helping to Get Women Elected.”

The article highlighted several organizations encouraging and empowering women to seek leadership opportunities. The article underscored the incredible importance of women having a seat at the table and having their voices heard in the political realm. The various organization included in the article have all taken strides to increase the number of women in politics on both sides of the aisle.

In March of 2019, Republican Women for Progress partnered with The Campaign School at Yale University for its first basic training program. In the article Lim shares the importance of the initiative, “the partnership is a major initiative because the Republican party hasn’t historically invested in women.” Lim continued, outlining the network of support the organization works to ensure while connecting women who are running to resources like help with fundraising and name recognition.

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