August 06, 2020

Catholic Law Professor Antonio Perez weighed in on United States accountability to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in a recent article by Catholic News Agency (CNA). Perez spoke to CNA in response to German Military Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of the Catholic Military Episcopal Office of Germany who commented that U.S. soldiers should be held accountable by the ICC.

Catholic News Agency
By: Matt Hadro
Date: July 31, 2020
German military bishop says US wants to 'hinder' International Criminal Court


"Regarding the application of Church teaching on international treaties to the present circumstances, the situation is more complex than Overbeck makes it out to be, Perez said.

'The Catholic position in practice in resolving particular international conflicts has been much more nuanced,' Perez said. It must be applied to each individual circumstance, he said, and does not offer one single “absolutist” answer.

'The tradition isn’t a system that gives you absolute answers in concrete cases. It’s much more complicated than that,' Perez said.


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