March 22, 2021

thusi-600x350.jpgAt the latest installation of the Faculty Research Series on March 19, 2021, Catholic Law colleagues were joined by Professor India Thusi. Thusi is an Associate Professor of Law at Delaware Law School and her work examines the intersection of racial and sexual hierarchies as they relate to policing, race, and gender.

At the Friday lunch meeting, Thusi presented her forthcoming article, “Girls Assaulted,” in which she argues that the use of invasive searches on girls who are incarcerated is unconstitutional and should be considered sexual assaults. To begin her presentation, Thusi read several quotes from incarcerated girls about their experiences with invasive searches while being incarcerated. The common thread of “violation” was prevalent in each statement. Thusi then noted that, while the #MeToo Movement has shed light on the pervasiveness of sexual assault and sexual exploitation, the movement has often ignored the exploitation of vulnerable women and girls—including incarcerated girls. After sharing some statistics regarding racial disparity within the legal systems and noting that searches are a “particularly gendered form of traumatization,” Thusi spoke about the unconstitutionality of these invasive searches through the lens of Fourth Amendment doctrine. With the time that remained, Professor Cara H. Drinan, Director of Faculty Research, moderated questions and feedback from those in attendance.

Next month, Catholic Law Professor Joel Alicea will present on April 16, 2021. Please check the News and Events page for additional information.