October 20, 2021

On October 14, 2021, the Catholic Law Office of Career and Professional Development, led by Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development Tonya Gaskins, hosted a “Careers in JAG” panel to discuss career opportunities in JAG for each of the branches of the United States military. Gaskins introduced third-year law student Devin Lattuga, President of the Military and National Security Law Students Association, as moderator for the lunchtime event.

Catholic Law students were joined by panelists Captain Matt Yelverton, the United States Air Force; Captain Lauren Teel, United States Army; Lieutenant Griffin Deitz, United States Coast Guard; Captain Brown, United States Marine Corps; Captain Morales, United States Marine Corps, and Lieutenant Kyra Ziesk-Socolov, United States Navy.

After each of the panelists introduced themselves, the group began the moderated discussion about opportunities for careers in JAG. Lattuga posed a series of questions to the panelists that covered a variety of topics including the types of law students could expect to practice as a JAG lawyer; how interested students could get involved with internships, externships, and the application process for a career in JAG; and the types things each panelist considered while choosing which branch to serve. As the discussion drew to a close, additional questions were posed by those in attendance.