November 08, 2021

United States FlagCatholic Law’s Military and National Security Law Student Association (M&NSLSA) hosted a successful Toast Our Troops event on November 5, 2021, in the Knights of Columbus Courtyard at the Law School. With support from Emily Sobieski and the Office of Student Life and Special Events, students, faculty, staff, and alumni were able to join together to support this wonderful event.

As in previous years, the night featured shifts covered by guest bartenders from the Catholic Law faculty and staff. This year's bartenders included Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration Craig Osborne, who served over 30 years as a commissioned infantry officer in the United States Army and retired with the rank of Colonel, as well as Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Mary Graw Leary, Assistant Dean for Academic and Bar Support Bryan McDermott, Professor A.G. Harmon, Professor Paul Kurth, Professor Veryl Miles, Professor Elizabeth Winston, and Len Davidson. The guest bartender who raised the most money was Dean Graw Leary.

The event raised over $2,000 and all proceeds raised from the event will be donated directly to Fund the First, an organization raising money for the families of the service members who lost their lives assisting in the Afghanistan evacuation on August 26, 2021.