November 09, 2021
student panelAs its final fall event of this kind, the Catholic Law Student Bar Association (SBA) hosted a panel presentation, “Trust Me I’m (Almost) A Lawyer,” on November 8, 2021. Organized by SBA 1L representatives Celanire Flagg, Hope Gouterman, and Yusuf Khan, and moderated by Gouterman, first-year law students were invited to learn more about tips for finding summer internships from the panel of 2L and 3L students who’ve been through the process. Through a series of questions posed by Gouterman, panelists Zachary Aman (2L), Jesse Raines (3L), and Kaitlyn Toth (2L) provided tips and offered advice about the application process, timelines for finding positions, and the importance of making connections. The event concluded with time for questions from those in attendance.