Many students already lean in a career direction. Does international law interest you, or perhaps communications law? Do you want to advocate for immigrant rights, become a master criminal or civil litigator, or work on social justice causes?

Follow your passion. The Columbus School of Law offers an enhanced level of expertise in some of the most dynamic areas of law today. You can choose among ten options for study in specialized areas of practice. In a time of increased demand by employers for specialized legal skills, each of these study paths distinguishes the graduate as especially practice-ready in their chosen area of interest.

  • Focus on one of our five certificate-issuing programs in International and Comparative Law, Securities Law, Law and Technology, Law and Public Policy, or Compliance. 

  • Focus on one of our six areas of academic concentration, including Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, and Securities Regulation.

  • Focus on selecting the right Journal, Moot Court Program, or Center that conforms to your educational and professional objectives.

  • Focus on service to others. Master the use of law as a potent tool for positive social change through the resources of our Clinics or Pro Bono Program.

  • Whether you come to law school with a clear career plan or arrive open-minded about your ultimate path, the Columbus School of Law is committed to helping you find your focus.