How to Apply for Summer Financial Aid 

  1. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs (Assistant Dean Osborne) to receive permission to visit away.
  2. Complete the Consortium Agreement
  3. Complete a Summer Financial Aid Request form
  4. Accept Summer Loans via Cardinal Station Forms are available on our website and in our office.

Consortium Agreements

A consortium agreement, made between CUA (HOME school) and the institution the student will be attending for the summer (HOST school), typically acknowledges:

  1. CUA will accept credits taken at the HOST school;
  2. HOST school will provide the Cost of Attendance, on which financial aid eligibility is determined. These consist of tuition, fees and living expenses;
  3. CUA will provide (and process) the financial aid;
  4. CUA will send the financial aid proceeds to the HOST school; and
  5. The HOST school will deliver to the student an refund of financial aid proceeds that exceed charges for tuition and fees.

Available Financial Aid

  1. CUA-funded scholarships are not available.
  2. Federal Direct PLUS Loan
  3. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan only if the annual maximum of $20,500 was not used during the prior academic year.

Financial Aid (Loan) Eligibility Amount

The school that is providing the program (HOST school) will provide the Cost of Attendance (via a Consortium Agreement), on which financial aid eligibility is determined. These costs (expenses) consist of tuition, fees and living expenses.

Disbursement of Funds and Delivery of Refunds 

  1. Loan funds are sent from Direct Lending to CUA electronically approximately one week prior to the start of the enrollment period.
  2. Enrollment Services processes a refund, but rather than distribute to the student, funds are sent directly to the HOST school per information provided on the Consortium Agreement.
  3. The HOST school will receive and credit the funds to the student's account which has been set up at the HOST school and will reflect the charges for the program.
  4. Funds received from CUA that exceed the charges on the student's account at the HOST school will be delivered to the student via arrangements made between the student and the HOST school.