Electronic Submissions:
We are now accepting submissions via ExPresso for Volume 70. If you have any further questions, please contact us at cualawrev@gmail.com. Thank you.

Status and Expedited Reviews
The Catholic University Law Review invites inquiries about the status of articles in our selection process. To inquire about the status of an article review or to request expedited review, please contact Lead Articles Editors by email at cualawrev@gmail.com.

For expedited review requests we ask that you provide us with your name, the title of the article, the names of the journals that have made you an offer, and the date by which you need a response. We will try our best to provide a prompt response to any expedited review request.

Withdrawing Your Submission
An author should notify the Lead Articles Editors as soon as possible if he or she is withdrawing an article by emailing cualawrev@gmail.com. The Lead Articles Editors appreciate knowing in which journal an author has committed to publishing.

Offer of Publication
Authors selected for publications are generally contacted via email and by phone. The offer of publication will always include an expiration date. Once an author accepts our offer to publish, the author is expected to withdraw the manuscript from other journals.

Upon acceptance of our offer, the author will be mailed a confirmation letter detailing our production process and a copyright agreement.