The Securities Law Student Association (SLSA) is unique among the student organizations. It is both a student affinity group as well as an integral component of the governing structure of the Law School's Securities Law Program.

In its double capacity, it provides an opportunity for students with sometimes intense and sometimes casual interest in securities and business law to work together to help organize social and academic events that promote the Securities Law Program. Members of SLSA assist in the selection of speakers and the organization of talks on a variety of securities law topics. Guided by the Securities Law Program Director, SLSA students have the opportunity to interact with a broad range of professional and academic leaders in the field of securities regulation.

SLSA students administer the mentor/mentee program with our alumni and friends of the Securities Law Program. This puts SLSA members in direct contact with numerous distinguished practitioners in the field. SLSA students also help to arrange the annual Alumni Luncheon, to which many SLSA members are invited to attend. It is also the SLSA students who promote and generally participate in the University's highly successful Securities Moot Court Program. Finally, the SLSA organization serves as a sounding board for the Securities Law Program. From SLSA members come ideas for speakers, new courses, and social events.

To join SLSA please e-mail us your name, address, year in law school, and some mention the nature of your interest in securities law. Once on the SLSA mailing list, you will receive notice of upcoming events, information on how to participate in commercial and bar programs in securities law, and news about developments in the Securities Law Program.

To learn more about the Securities Law Program, please contact Visiting Professor Jeremy Kidd, acting director of the Securities Law Program and advisor to the Securities Law Students Association or Constantia Dedoulis (, Director of the Institutes, Special Programs and Academic Development.

If you need additional information about this organization, please contact Heather Doer (, of Student Life and Special Events.